It’s how conveyancing is done!

At Conveyancing Hub we make the often stressful experience of buying or selling a home simple. We provide professional and effective representation to our clients and we pride ourselves on offering clear, understandable solutions for your property transaction.

Who We Are

Conveyancing Hub NSW

With 25 years’ experience in the real estate and property sector, there’s very little licensed conveyancer and Conveyancing Hub proprietor, Rebecca McManus, doesn’t know about buying and selling a home.

Rebecca has run operations and managed the offices at some of Sydney’s largest and most respected real estate agencies and has more than five years’ experience in conveyancing, from boutique legal businesses to esteemed nationwide law firms.

This unique combination of experience means Rebecca is equipped with a rare insight into buying and selling property from a seller’s, a buyer’s and an agent’s point of view – and it’s this special skill set that she brings with her to Conveyancing Hub every single day.


Rebecca understands that buying and selling a property can be a stressful and confusing experience, and she takes pride in making sense of the jargon, putting her clients at ease and ensuring they meet all of their legal obligations throughout the sale and purchasing process in a thorough and timely manner.

She exudes warmth and enthusiasm and marries this with a keen sense of determination and a fine eye for detail, which means every client receives her full attention.

Rebecca has an Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies), majoring in conveyancing, from Southern Cross University, is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and is a certified PEXA member.

She knows that conveyancing is an essential process when it comes to transacting real estate and whether it’s preparing, reviewing or negotiating a contract of sale or helping with the settlement and title transfer, she attends to every task, in every stage, with meticulous planning and organisation.

Over the years, Rebecca has learnt that one of the key pillars of great customer service is excellent communication and she uses the latest in innovative online software to ensure clients can check-in on where their transaction is up to whenever and wherever they are.

But using online tools doesn’t mean Rebecca forgoes traditional communication methods – you can still expect to hear her voice on the other end of the phone regularly.

When Rebecca established Conveyancing Hub she had four clear goals, and she focuses on these day-in, day-out.

  1. To provide excellent customer service to every client;
  2. To put her clients at ease throughout the sale and purchase process;
  3. To ensure every client meets their legal obligations at all times and
  4. To foster great relationships with buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

A city girl at heart, Rebecca has lived in and loved Sydney’s eastern suburbs for more than 20 years.

She has a strong, established reputation in the local community and works tirelessly to provide the best service to her valued clients, no matter where they hail from in NSW.

From the north to the south of the state, as well as the east to the west, Conveyancing Hub continually proves: This is how conveyancing is done!


NSW’s Conveyancing Specialist

Google Reviews

  • Justine Smith

    2 Reviews
    3 months ago

Rebecca from Conveyancing Hub provided exceptional service and professionalism throughout the conveyance of our property. She is extremely knowledgeable and communicative. We would definitely use her services again and….

  • Richie So

    8 Reviews
    10 months ago

Rebecca deserves a lot more stars than 5! She was able to assist us with the process of selling our property and then assisted us with the process of buying our property. Rebecca was able to walk us through the processes step by step and was…

  • Amanda Holman

    1 Review
    2 months ago

Rebecca was just amazing, she works fast and efficiently , even was on call whilst on holiday and kept the whole process of purchasing a property smooth and seamless , nothing was a hassle and she went above and beyond to help me out even after…

  • Robbie Marshall

    Local Guide
    a month ago

We worked with Rebecca and team recently to purchase and sell at the same time. We were very fortunate to get such a proactive, efficient and speedy results. Their best asset to us was there communication. We highly recommend Rebecca…

  • Dan Gutman

    14 Reviews
    a month ago

We had a great experience with Rebecca at Conveyancing Hub. She guided us through the property purchase and settlement process with expertise and professionalism. Rebecca’s attention to detail and responsiveness eased the…

  • Lochie Bown

    3 Reviews
    5 days ago

I had an excellent experience with Conveyancing Hub whilst securing my first land purchase. Their dedication to their clients is exemplary. I would definitely recommend others to work with them, and will happily work with them again in the …

  • Nicole Lucas

    2 Reviews
    a month ago

Last week I finally settled on my first unit in Sydney and I honestly would not have been able to do it without Rebecca. I came into contact with Rebecca when I start looking to buy via an agent and although I did not follow through with..

  • Paul M

    Local Guide - 99 Reviews
    4 months ago

The only positive I take from recently selling and buying a new property was using Rebecca’s services at Conveyancing Hub. She conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the whole…

  • Michelle Mcdonald

    1 Review
    a month ago

Rebecca was wonderful, I certainly couldn’t have completed buying my commercial block without her. Walked me through each step (beginner here) was available for every enquiry. I had a few hiccups with my bank and Rebecca kept on top of…

  • Sherri

    1 Review
    a month ago

Rebecca from Conveyancing Hub NSW was fantastic. She kept us up to date with every detail. The service was excellent and very efficient. Nothing was a problem for Rebecca, whether it was going through contracts, looking at any minor detail…


What We Do


Whether you’re purchasing a block of land, an existing home or unit, a new apartment or acreage in the country, it’s vital that you meet all of your legal requirements and execute your paperwork quickly and on time. Equal parts exciting and stressful, we aim to make buying your biggest asset as smooth as possible.

Conveyancing Hub is here to ensure that your purchase runs stress-free from pre-exchange through to completion. We connect and liaise with finance brokers, banks, lawyers, real estate agents and the local authorities to ensure your property completes on time.

  • Pre-exchange enquiries
  • Contract review and explanation
  • Contract negotiations and exchange
  • Post-exchange searches and property enquiries
  • Stamp duty
  • Settlement

Have you found a property?

Before you sign on the dotted line, it is vital you have your conveyancer review and advise you on the contract. This is perhaps the most important step in any purchase. Engaging a licensed conveyancer to review your contract ensures you know exactly what you’re committing to and enables you to make a fully informed decision.

With us, your first contract review is complimentary. Once your offer is accepted, simply upload your contract for your complimentary review and we’ll take care of the rest.


Legally, you must have a contract for sale of land before you can market your property. We understand that once you’ve decided to sell, you want to place that For Sale sign out the front as swiftly as you can. As your conveyancer, we work quickly and effectively to help you complete your legal homework and prepare a contract for sale. This means you can move on to the exciting stage of selling and avoid unnecessary delays.

When you do finally get that ‘offer and acceptance’, we know how important it is that we focus on your file and ensure all contract negotiations are dealt with quickly. We want to see that SOLD sticker out the front just as much as you do!

  • Contract preparation
  • Contract exchange
  • Discharging your mortgage
  • Settlement
  • Post-settlement report
  • Transfers and transmissions

Property Transfers

Transferring property is a complicated and often costly exercise if you don’t have the help of experienced conveyancer on hand.

From matrimonial transfers; transfer of ownership between family members; deceased estate (deceased persons) transfer; or transfer due to separation or divorce, we can assist you with the process, stamp duty requirements, execution and lodgement of the legal paperwork.

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It’s how conveyancing is done!